I Love

Every Sunday I’m keen to share my “I Love” speedy series! Products, tips, services or strategies that have helped me turn the perils of 2020 into a positive 2020. Enjoy!

In January 2020 I was fortunate to venture to Osaka Women’s Marathon, where I placed 5th in 2:26:02, my first negative split marathon (73:38, 72:24) and my second fastest marathon so far!

After a troublesome experience in 2019 with food poisoning at the Chicago marathon I couldn’t bare to stomach anything that was flavour orange. A change was in order! For my entire running career I’d used the same products, altering the amounts to cater for warmer climates. It was time to revisit the entire physiology and create a new me and it worked. Unfortunately the pandemic hit and my next attempt at the distance was postponed. But postponement means the next opportunity is just around the corner!

Thank you to the nutrition team at 32Gi for making Osaka a success and a huge thank you to dietitian and wonderful friend Jessica Rothwell for working tirelessly to build the best strategy of my career. Together and with the help of Ultimate Direction sports shorts from Injinji Performance Products we practiced the change in nutrition multiple times during the 2020 Summer. We practiced running with 32Gi Race Drink and Sports Gels to fuel long runs and high intensity pace runs. We practiced consuming more carbohydrates than I’d previously tolerated and I was rewarded with a negative split and an Olympic qualifying time.

The 32Gi philosophy is based on something I am very passionate about in my running and coaching and that is “that not all athletes are created equal. What works for one athlete does not necessarily work for another and each has different requirements. An athlete’s nutrition intake will depend entirely on the kind of session he or she is doing and these are not always performance based.” 32Gi‘s range is designed to address an athlete’s unique needs. It certainly worked for me.

If you’d like to learn more about the range, specifically 32Gi Race Drink and Sports Gels happy to point you in the right direction!

Don’t be afraid to try something new, to experiment – with enough practice in training you can create the change you never knew you needed!

I love running. I love experimenting and I love finding new ways to exceed expectations! x