I’ve always felt extremely proud to be Australian.  I’ve always felt extremely proud of the State in which we live, the opportunities which we’ve been fortunate to experience and most of all I’ve always felt safe where I live.  After a lengthy lockdown in Victoria I am so extremely proud of our community and how we’ve supported each other through this challenging time.  We’ve missed celebrating almost every special day with our families, we’ve re-planned our biggest goals, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We can feel the warmth of the sunshine.

It’s sunshine and smiles just in time for Pete’s birthday, just in time to get together as a close-knit family and celebrate every birthday of 2020.  It’s only a matter of hours until we can gather as a complete family unit and we cannot wait.  Our Pete has already started doing somersaults knowing he can play daily with his grandparents.  He has a school holiday planned with his grandparents, his aunty and his cousin every day of Summer!  We can all be together again – something we’ve never taken for granted and something to smile about.

We’ve hit the reset button on our Olympic preparation.  A reset button isn’t a bad thing, right?  There are so many times in life where you’d love the opportunity for a do-over.  So perhaps a 2020 do-over isn’t so bad.  Now I know how Sleeping Beauty felt when she woke up from her deep sleep.  It feels a little like that right now.  We were on a path, literally running toward our big goals, it all went black and now we’re back at the start line running again!  It’s a strange, but exciting feeling, a feeling that makes you feel a little sparkly, like a ray of sunshine – no bleakness, no darkness. 

The only darkness I am happy to see this year is next week’s Black Friday sale.  An opportunity to get ready for Christmas.  For those wanting to do somersaults in the sun, check out Springfree Trampoline’s sale from Thursday 26/11 to Monday 30/11.  You can purchase a Springfree Trampoline, with free delivery and your choice of free installation or a flexrhoop.  It’s a rare day for the trampoline to be without a happy gymnast in our home.  No springs, no hard edges, a hidden frame where it’s impossible to fall on and a flexible enclosure. The world’s safest trampoline. Somersaults all round!

Enjoy the sunshine Victorians, smiles often, laugh together and don’t forget – somersaults aren’t just for kids!

Merry Christmas to all.

Love Lisa