InspiringTheEverydayProduct Review

My top 4 helpful tools for enhancing mummy life, whilst working and running too!



Life is too short to be in the laundry. Leave it to SOKA.

“Life’s too short to be in the laundry!”

Stylish. Practical. Versatile. Universal. Sustainable. Ergonomically designed. Recyclable.

The Söka tub allows you the option to soak and hand wash clothes separately, together, at different duration’s, using different soaking solutions. In a time of regular water restrictions this handy, space saving tool has transformed our new laundry.

I used to have at least 2 large buckets on the floor in the laundry soaking muddy clothes or paint stained kinder gear and even painted runners. Now I have one small, grey box that does it all and it fits in the sink. Love my SOKA and couldn’t be without it now that it’s part of the family.

You can also use it as a compost bin or for icing bottles of wine. Now you’re talking! If you’re looking for an awesome gift – contact the team who will happy to create the ultimate mummy care package for you! Happy soaking!



Comfort, style and a quiet place to imagine!

As parents we know how important it is to give our children quality and comfort while trying to retain a touch of style.

Lelbys have a vision to design quality bean chairs and bags which enable children to experience the ultimate in comfort while simultaneously looking stylish in your home.

Their pieces create are long lasting and compliment modern living spaces.

Visit Lelbys for a gorgeous addition to your reading corner!



Lachlan, Pete and I have been traveling quite a bit these last few years and when you pack a box of laq and a million little cars and trucks you find yourself forever searching for tiny teeny toys all over the hotel floor.

A google search on toy travel options revealed this fantastic addition (or 3) the playpouch! We have 2 Playpouch minis which we took on our long haul flight to Chicago. With the Skycouch on the plane we were able to open up the pouch and play cars and trucks whilst in the air!

The original Australian designed Playpouch Colour & Go comes with washable markers so you can colour the pictures on the canvas just the way YOU like them. Then use it to store your favourite things – cars, dress ups, laq, lego, garbage dump bits and bobs, teddies and more.

In the morning I take the big Playpouch out to the gym while I complete my morning session. Pete can do some baby gym or play with his toys in the pouch while I get a 30 minute work out ticked off the list!


Springfree Trampolines

Thanks to Daniel at Botanical Garden Care we have recently laid an amazing foundation for play, recovery and relaxation at our home. The perfect canvas for the World’s Safest Trampoline.

My sister and I were fortunate to attend a rebounding class at Willow Urban Retreat and we couldn’t believe how amazing we felt after the 50 minute session. I’d read about the benefits, but I couldn’t believe it until I tried it…the benefits of rebounding are real:

  • Increase in laughter.
  • Removal of lactic acid.
  • Increase in oxygen flow.
  • Increase in blood flow.
  • Boost to circulation.
  • Increase in red blood cell production.
  • Strengthening the heart.
  • Lowering resting heart rate.

As a result we’ve recently added a mini Springfree Rebounder to our gym. In January, our medium oval arrives with a basketball ring and tacoma. I’m looking forward to combining exercise, recovery and relaxation whilst improving our family’s health and well being and most of all increasing our laughter!

Pete will be safely bouncing, playing cars and trucks, reading, watching a movie or playing basketball on his springfree trampoline next month. That’s something to look forward to. Stay tuned in early 2020 for an exciting program I’m launching to help you reach your best!


Merry Christmas xx