Pete pulled out his Colour & Go Play Pouch and Bat Mask Play Pouch and announced over the weekend that he is packed for Chicago.  If saw what’s in the pouches it would make for an interesting race without clothes!  Subsequently I have repacked his Colour & Go Play Pouch just a little this week! 

The purpose of this blog is to thank the people Naturopath Camilla Whishaw, Beads of Eden Founder, Fi Hedges and the girls from Play Pouch Australiawho have helped me plan a better travel experience and to share those ideas with my friends and family for their next dream catching adventure. 

I have suffered on the last two long haul flights to America.    Around the 5 hour to go mark of the 14-15 hours in the air I’ve become quite nauseous.  It’s been a horrible experience with a combination of migraines, sickness and waves of stomach pain.  After consulting my amazing friends in person and via social media these are the tools we are packing to make this trip the best yet!

To top off the craziness of taper starting, my family has come down with Influenza, so we’ve been upping the VitC, Zinc and plastering on the Organic Eucalyptus Balm.

  1. A bento box of snacks including cashews, pretzels, bliss balls, cereal and rice crackers with a small loaf of low GI bread, vegemite and a <100g container of nut butter.
  2. Lemongrass and Ginger Tea.
  3. Zinc, Vitamin C and Magnesium.   
  4. Beads of Eden and Essential Oils including ginger for my stomach and lavender for nap time!
  5. Saline sprays, travel cups, eye masks, comfy socks and earphones for all!
  6. Play Pouch include a handful of Pete’s favourite vehicles.
  7. Activity books and pencils in a pouch.
  8. Pete’s favourite bunny.
  9. Pete’s ipad with cartoons downloaded.
  10. My race kit, spare rundies and a running outfit in case my luggage doesn’t make it on the day I do!

With my support team going down with influenza in our final week at home it has been challenging, scary and exhausting.  Looking forward to hugs from my gorgeous family when we come out the other side of this adventure.  xx