Product Review

With so much focus recently on supplements and the non-standard testing of products out there in the market, it is a really challenging space.  We are training harder than we ever have, in order to run faster than we ever have and when you push yourself through those limits, the immune system and the muscular skeletal system take a beating. Why wouldn’t we want to eat some goodness that helps us stay healthy and feel better. So we try to navigate the space, as daunting as it is and pick the right things to consume. We also try our best to make things from scratch – no easy feat being a working mother and athlete.

Add the worst flu season on record and you want to give yourself the best chance of recovery to avoid illness and injury.  But how do we really trust what is in our food, our organic moisturizers and our vitamin and mineral supplements?  The answer is, we can never be 100% sure, all we can do is remain vigilant, keep reading and avoid anything that suggests “performance enhancement”, “weight loss” or a long list of ingredients we cannot pronounce.

Throughout my career I’ve avoided supplements. I’m always extremely diligent in reading labels and avoid creams and lotions that contain anything unusual. In this build up, through the advise of coach Dick Telford, support from team doctor Paul Blackman and naturopath Camila Whishaw, we have stepped outside our usual boundaries of no supplements and introduced Magnesium and Zinc into our regime. It seems to be making a difference as we are recovering well and maintaining our training to a higher standard than ever before.

I was then fortunate to return home from Noosa to a bag of Magnesium recovery bath salts by The Naked Ambition Co. The product is Natural, Organic & Vegan and includes only Australian Kunzea Ambigua plant and Salts. The benefits of Kunzea are suggested, although not yet prove, to include temporary relief of the pain of arthritis, relief of the symptoms of influenza/flu and muscular aches and pains. The key is the relief of nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety.

So the real test – how did we train after the bath! The last two weeks of training have been super solid, on both the mileage and intensity front. We’ve had two of our best weeks ever, flowing on from a month in Noosa. Last week we ran mile repeats on the Tuesday night at the track. Legs were stiff and tired in the warm up, but we ran a PB session.

On Sunday, after 35km in the legs we had a Naked Ambition Co bath – it smelled lovely, was warm and relaxing and we both felt pretty refreshed from it. The real test was how we recovered for track on Tuesday and the results suggest a positive experience. Every rep was an improvement on the session last week – another PB session!

Thankfully the bag has another 3 baths worth, so we might need to test it out again following City to Bay this weekend! Not complaining about this data collecting activity – relaxing in the bath with a cup of lemongrass and ginger tea certainly trumps the VO2 Max Test!

Happy training and we would like to send our love to friends in NSW and Queensland for a safe return to their homes.