Having a month away from the office has provided a well overdue opportunity to spend time working on different interests.  It’s given me time to listen to new podcasts and read new blogs about women in technology, healthy lifestyle, high performance cultures, traveling with kids and mindfulness.  

I’ve had more time to spend on learning activities with Pete and to give back.  Between Lachlan and I we’ve read an entire Dave Pilkey series with Pete and his letter and sound recognition is heading in the right direction.

It’s taken a long time for us to be in a position to take a month, as a family and as we head home to Melbourne and reflect on the month it has certainly been worth it. It’s one thing to cut out a recipe and put it in the pantry for later. It’s another to cut it out and have time to go then and there and pick up the ingredients to make it straight away! I’m extremely grateful for this time.

In the month of August I’ve designed our pantry at home, our landscaping design is progressing, I’ve found a awesome idea for a new reading corner for Pete and prepared our packing list for Chicago! We’ve spent time in Noosa with lovely friends and family, enjoyed many coffees and healthy snacks. I’ve found new things for our home to make my life as a working – athlete – mum a little easier and amongst all of that we are fitter than ever before!  

Thank you to those who have made this trip amazing. Early morning runs (Chris), the educators at Little Lambs, yummy dinners (Sonia, Sue, Michelle and Mark), the awesome naturopathy consult (Camila), family time (Vicki and Peter) those crazy sessions (Lac, Dick) and for keeping the hub running at home (Mum, Dad, Jodi and Tom).

I cannot forget that special thank you to the Sunshine Coast Marathon for providing the opportunity run fast and make new long lasting friendships. We will be back for more adventures in 2020.

I was writing this on the plane as we progressed from sunshine and passed through the grey clouds. As we got closer to Melbourne my heart felt full.  I look forward to sharing the next phase of our journey from our home.  I’ll get to implementing my new ideas after a relaxing bath!  Although, given our schedule I might not fit the bath in until next Friday!  We can’t rush these things can we?

Happy running, good health and I hope in some way I am helping you achieve your personal best.  Xo