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Set One Achievable Goal

How’s your visualisation exercise going? Have you tried day dreaming about how you are going to achieve just one thing every race or every training session? Is it easy to set just one achievable goal in your mind or do you start racing toward different goals and find yourself in a muddle moving onto thoughts about what you’re going to make for dinner?

Visualisation isn’t easy, therefore, if it isn’t working for you – try your old friend…a notebook or diary and get out your favourite sharpened pencil. Don’t use a pen as you might work on refining your one achievable goal for a few minutes before you finalise it. In pencil you can easily rub it out and rewrite it in one of two sentences. Short, sweet and achievable.

For example, in my session today I set one single objective and that was to hold a set pace for half of the distance. I wanted to achieve that set pace for the full distance, but by breaking up the run into segments I could train my mind to focus only on that one goal and not get anxious about achieving the bigger dream! I managed to hold the pace for the full distance today. However, that isn’t always achievable when you are working harder than you ever have before – either in work, sport or general life. Sometimes in my case in all three!

Give it a try for your run tomorrow! I look forward to hearing how you found the exercise.

Have a fantastic weekend! x