appeared in Runners World Magazine marathon special November, 2018.

If there’s one thing I would like to be known for as a runner, an IBM consultant, a mum, an aunt and a friend it’s for “inspiring THE everyday”.  Just like you, running for my husband and I is a hobby.  An activity that’s been part of our everyday for over 25 years.   

I started running with my Dad and my sister to develop my heart and lungs as a young girl.  Two girls growing up in an Aussie Rules family (Dad Peter played for Fitzroy FC, Cousin Dale played for Richmond FC) meant sport was in our DNA and fortunately I was blessed with an engine that with training and persistence has provided an opportunity to match it with the world’s best. 

Fast forward from the runs around the local streets to almost of decade of being Australia’s leading female marathon runner, whilst delivering technology change to our leading clients and I need to pinch myself.   What we’ve achieved through the help of an amazing team at times seems like a dream!

I currently hold three full time roles – mum to little Peter (now 4 years old), IBM technology consultant of 16 plus years, Olympic and 2x Commonwealth Games medallist marathoner.  Combine these commitments with being weeks away from finishing a full house rebuild and it has made for an interesting 2018!

How do I do it?  Are there times where I just want to quit or stay in bed?  Who looks after Pete when we run together?  You don’t nap in the afternoon after a workout?  How do you recover?  These and many more questions are what I’m asked on a weekly basis through my mentoring and performance coaching role.  Ask any Olympic athlete how they do what they do and nine times out of ten I am sure the support team will be the story they tell with gratitude. 

My support team comprises of my husband, Lachlan who runs with me everyday, my son who puts a smile on our face everyday.  My parents, sister and nephew who take care of Pete every other day while we work and train and the master mind behind our success coach Dick Telford.  Without these beautiful people I would never have experienced half of what I have achieved to date.  Celebrate and nurture your support team – they are your everything!

With the help of my wonderful family Lachlan, Pete and I capped off a successful 2018 with an 8th place finish at the TCS New York City Marathon, mixing it with the world’s best.  To say I enjoyed the experience would be downplaying just how magical almost every step felt.  Of course, I was certainly glad to see the finish line, a feeling all marathoners can relate to!

The race went almost entirely as expected. A slower first half, running beside the most amazing female marathoners in the world for over 25km.  When Mary Keitany put the pedal down on her way to victory and the fastest final 10km split of most men in the race it was time to dig in and keep my cadence up.  With a faster (16:56) 5km off the bridge into 1st Ave and a strong finish into and through the park, why wouldn’t you want the opportunity to do it all again!

When I visualised the race in the lead up, I finished higher up and in a quicker time.  As runners we always expect more of ourselves, we aim high and we strive to run personal bests every time we put a toe on the line.  But in this instance, whilst combining all the roles in life that I play I feel so very grateful for what we’ve achieved and the sacrifices we’ve made to get there.

How was your marathon experience and did you pat yourself on the back after it – because despite the end result – just to make it to the start line and cross that finish line takes so much commitment, persistence and support.  We must take time to praise ourselves for getting it done whilst achieving our everyday!

I hope you enjoy this marathon edition and would love to hear from you via social media channels – how do you achieve your everyday? 

Lisa Weightman