We are finally home.  After a whirlwind 2018 which concluded with a silver medal at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, an 8th place at the New York City Marathon and moving into our new home -we are finally home!


What better way to mark the arrival than with a story from 25 years ago!  In 1993 I ran at my first Junior Nationals on the track.  With five laps to go of the 3,000m a runner clipped my spike (“sneaker”) and it came off.  I ran the race barefoot and disappointed.  The track was hot with no shoes on and I missed my opportunity to medal.  But I got back out there and tried again the following season.  The reward, a bronze medal.


A running career spanning 25 years is full of such tales and it hasn’t been the only time I’ve lost a sneaker.   I am excited to share stories like these with you.  I’m excited to share what I love, what inspires me and what gets me through each and every week.  I hope I can inspire the everyday!


I work 4 days per week as a consultant at IBM.  I have a fun loving and energetic chatterbox at home (aka son named Peter Richard) and I’m a runner.  I don’t ever seem to do things the easy way.  I work hard in everything I do and I’m proud of that.  My life is everyday, I just so happen to be fortunate to have an engine and a drive that helps me run fast.


I look forward to connecting via a special video series, through social media and out on the training track!  Enjoy and happy running.  You don’t know how inspiring you really are until you take a moment – let’s do it together in 2019!