I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bounced back from a setback, a knock back and a plain old you’re just not good enough.  I’ve been told, ‘you’re not fast enough’ even after running 2:25 for a marathon, ‘you need to be faster’, ‘you need to finish higher’, ‘you aren’t pretty enough’, ‘you need more Instagram followers’, ‘you don’t have enough likes’ and the doozy ‘gee you’re really small aren’t you’.

If I’d listened to every negative comment along my journey and let these niggles win I’d have missed out on so many amazing, life changing experiences.  I wanted to share this post with you as the first one in the series #InspiringTheEveryday as one thing we need to be really good at, is rebounding.  Bouncing back from a negative experience, a break from training or a break from Corporate life and getting out there again.  Feeling vulnerable while we find our personal best again and navigating the negative thoughts, ‘the I don’t know if I can’ and sprinting right passed them!  That’s the phase I’m in right now.

My husband and I are on a return to running rebound!  We had a forced break at the end of the year to recover from a huge year.  3 months later, coming back has been tough!  Some days we feel amazing and ready to go, other days I drag my exhausted legs one in front of the other along the Merri Creek hoping that the run will go by a little faster!

How do we rebound when it feels so exhausting trying to get back to your best?  …Trust!

Trust the process and trust that you’ve done it so many times before and won!  Trust that if you start slowly and push something a little faster or a little longer each week (no more than 10% each week) you’ll be a fitter and healthier you 4 weeks later!  Guaranteed!

Start small.  I broke my own rules early in the rebound – 4 days in and I needed a day off.  So we started slower the next week.  6km in the morning, nice and easy.  Then we added a workout.  Not too slow, not too fast.   Then two workouts the following week.  4 weeks in and we are running 20km in under 4:00 again.   We are firing again.  Recovery runs are more comfortable, which is a sign of the fitness returning!  Time to do some race planning!

Tip!  Choose to ignore those niggling comments and use them as fuel to drive greater passion and desire to be an awesome you!  You’ll never look back!

Happy running and enjoy rebounding into your new best!