In 2019 we decided to take a break from running around and recover.  Seven weeks ago we started the year with some shorter training workouts with the goal of racing as much as I can in 2019. Two parkruns kicked the heart and lungs into gear. What next…

The opportunity to join the hundreds of smiling runners in a beautiful part of the world, Noosa!  Noosa is the location of my debut half marathon a few decades ago and Runaway Noosa did not disappoint!
We’ve had a relaxing weekend and a confident return to the roads with 70:04 the second fastest half of my career.  We’ve made new friends, ran the paths that set me up for a silver medal last year and had some early nights!

All this running around is for a reason right?  We run to keep healthy, we run to keep sane, we run to support and inspire others to run and in the month of May we can run to make the lives of others just a teeny bit easier!

With the end of May almost here I’ve clocked 490 kms.  It’s a little lower than usual, but it’s still 490 kms.  490 kms will be over 500 by tomorrow and over 500 kms is my teeny contribution to Run4Blue, to raise money for the 8 wonderful police legacies in Australia.  The Police Legacies give so many beautiful families a helping hand.  It’s not too late to log your kms for May and take home a medal to be proud of!  I was lucky enough to hold one today and I look forward to mine arriving when the goal is complete!

All this running around has changed my life, I’m proud to know it can change the lives of others too!
Register at Run4Blue and make all your running around madness count that little bit more in May!