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Introducing the 3s

The beautiful human I can attribute any inroads I’ve made to my mental strength is the late Paulette Mifsud. We all miss her delicate personality and the way she made mental health homework easy.

Prior to having the pleasure of working with Paulette over a decade ago, I was a basket case before, during and after races. With my injury ridden twenties came criticism and rejection of my ability to be a world class Australian representative and with that came self doubt, pressure, anxiety and not so fab performances. Then I’d get injured again and the vicious cycle continued.

Paulette made it simple. Practice mental strategies everywhere. Set exercises and small goals and practice those exercises in different settings – at work negotiating a day off, with your kids when you want them to put their belongings away and in training with your favourite training partners.

Think about what you do well and practice always doing that well, continually reminding yourself of what you are doing well. Focus only for short bursts on goals related to what you need to improve. Too many negative thoughts cloud your judgment and are a complete waste of time and energy.

For those struggling with the motivation to get out for a workout this Winter, try one small exercise. Take out a pretty piece of paper or even a clean, fresh and bright coloured notepad. Write down:

  • 3 reasons why you run.
  • 3 things you love about running.
  • 3 people who are the first you’d tell when you achieved a major running goal.

You’re going to use your 3s’ later!

And remember, elite athletes have mornings when they want to stay under the doona, especially working mum elite athletes!